Pre Conference Workshop of 5 th International conference OMICS GROUP «Earth Science and Climate change» (Thailand, Bangkok, 25-27 July 2016) with title: «GLOBAL GEOECOLOGICAL SYSTEMS FOR HUMANITY SURVIVAL AT THE EPOCH OF COSMOPLANETARY AND CLIMATIC CHANGES»
Russia, Novosibirsk, Akademgorodok, «MNIIKA im. Akademik V.P. Kaznacheev», prospect Ac.Lavrentiev, 6/1, of.617, December, 25, 2015 (10-00 am -7-00 pm)
Vincenzo Valenzi

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The main problem of Climate Change is connected to interaction between Cosmic weather influences, air pollution (chemical electromagnetic radioactive, ecc ) that affects water in its cycle and in biological process.
The ordering of water via coherent domains yields sufficient structure for significant memory capacity. Electrical polarization networks and the resulting filament magnetic flux and electric flux tubes in pure water should be measurable employing magnetic resonance imaging techniques.
It could be useful develop some measure and carry experiments to evaluate the change of state of water connected to these relevant impact of pollution and evaluate the correlate effects on human physiopathology.
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